First Blog Post

It starts today.

I plan to take small steps in the right direction rather than moving fast in every direction. The source of inspiration is from an answer to ‘If you only had 15 minutes to sharpen your mind every day, what should you do?’.

This is the first post in a series of posts, categorized under the following headings:


To begin each day, I write a bit on my daily focus. Something I can commit to. I won’t commit to writing a post under this series every day but I will aim to do it as much as possible


At the end of each day, I write a bit on challenges faced, progress made, and things which I turned down that did not help me go the direction I am headed. Again, I won’t commit to such posts but it is in my (and potentially future readers’) interest to maintain this discipline.


At the end of each week, I write a bit of a higher level post on the week just past. I will endeavor to make a commitment to writing a post under this section.

My goal is to break into the Reinforcement learning field. This is going to include courses studied, text books, open-source contributions and other side projects.

I am going to attempt to describe what I don’t understand so that when I do eventually understand and it all seems simple, I can look back and note that once upon a time it was not so simple.

I hope that this can motivate others who find themselves in a similar situation.